How To Pick A Live Streaming Service

There has never been a better time to cut the cord and start live streaming all of your content. If you’re a little like most people, you might be thinking of picking out a decent and live streaming service and are overwhelmed by all of the options out there.

There are so many live streaming services to choose from - We have Hulu, Sling, etc. If you are confused about which live-streaming service is best for you, our guide will help you narrow it down!

Consider your budget

The first thing to consider is how much do you want to spend on it. If you are someone that only uses TV as background noise, maybe consider a more affordable option. On the other hand, if you love watching TV, you could invest in a more expensive live-streaming service.

Make a checklist of what you need 

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the features of different live streaming services. It's a good idea to make a checklist of all the features that you absolutely need in your service. Then you can just take a look at them and check the features. The one that covers most of your list is the one you should get. What are the channels that you must have? Is it sports? Entertainment? Whatever it is, note it down. This is gonna help you a lot when deciding which live streaming service do you want. 

Consider the types of Streaming services

Contrary to popular belief, there are different types of streaming services. We have live broadcasting ones that include YouTube Live, Twitch, and Periscope. Then we have Video demand streaming which includes Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. All of these have different pros and cons. 

Consider DVR storage

For those of you, who don't know what DVR storage is, it is one of the two main ways to store your video. It uses your business's internet connection to store the video on a hard drive which is different from the cloud storage system. If you need the plan that gives you the most DVR storage, Pick YouTube. It offers you unlimited DVR storage and as a bonus, you can keep your stored videos for up to nine freaking months!

Although Sling TV and Hulu don't come anywhere near close to YouTube when it comes to DVR storage, they still have decent capacities. So, be sure to check them out too. 

Consider how you will Stream the videos on your Television

This is probably the main reason you are getting a live streaming service, isn't it?

To watch TV without the hassle of installing a satellite dish or paying a monthly cable bill. 

Although live streaming services get you out of these problems, you still might have to get a streaming media player. Don't worry, they don't cost you much. You can get a decent streaming media player for under $50. 

You probably won't even need a streaming media player if you have a recently bought smart TV - Most smart TVs sold these days come set up to work with the major streaming services. Make sure to check if your TV is a smart TV and which streaming services it supports.

There you have - all you need to know to start streaming TV today!

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