Check out our list of the top SUVs in today’s market. Discover their safety features and reliability ratings.

SUVs don’t only look good, but they are very convenient as well. Sport-utility vehicles are becoming more popular in the US. These vehicles are available in a different range of prices and sizes.

If you are looking for a good SUV for your family, then you are in the right place. Take your whole family for a weekend road trip with one of the best SUVs available today. Learn more about the different features of these SUVs, and find out which model fits your needs.

Different Types of SUV

There are two types of SUVs, the car-based type and the truck-based SUVs. The distinction between these two types is not that relevant today because most of the SUV models have converged into a design that is more alike with cars rather than traditional trucks.

These days, modern SUVs are called crossovers or CUVs. These are built with unibody construction where the body and frame are unified, just like in today’s cars. These SUVs have an independent suspension that will provide better handling and comfort than truck-based models. More often than not, they feature all-wheel drive and can handle moderate off-road rides But always remember that even though it can handle mild off-road situations, these SUVs are not designed for more challenging off-road conditions such as deep water, rocks, or loose sand.

The truck-based SUVs might have left. This type of SUV uses a body-on-frame platform which often shares components with the makers of pickup trucks. These SUVs can carry and tow more than same-sized vehicles, and they are also equipped to tackle more serious off-road terrain.

Different Sizes of SUVs

There are lots of SUVs available, and they all come in different sizes and shapes. For better comparison, we grouped the SUVs by size:

1. Subcompact SUVs – Subcompact SUVs are becoming popular these days. Popular subcompact SUVs such as the Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Kong, and Mazda CX-3 have the same platform, and they are also very similarly sized. These SUVs are good alternatives to the traditional hatchback vehicles, but they are elevated, and they are also available in all-wheel drive. Since their size is smaller compared to regular SUVs, they are easier to park and maneuver. But do not expect a large cargo volume or serious off-road capability from subcompact SUVs.

2. Small SUVs – These SUVs are suited for drivers who prefer bigger rooms than sedans. Small SUVs have a higher driving position compared to cars, and they have more flexible cargo space.

Even though these SUVs are small, they can still handle occasional dirt road, beach sand, and even muddy trails.

3. Midsized SUVs – These SUVs are perfect for families. They provide the ideal balance of power, cargo room, safety, and interior space. Midsized models may come in two or three-row models. But since these are still SUVs, the third row is usually meant for children to sit on it.

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