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You might have noticed that the TV industry is changing, and you are right. As viewers, we know what we want and how much we are willing to pay for a TV service. We have listed the best TV service providers in today’s market to help you make a choice on which TV service provider to purchase.

Choosing a TV service provider can be hard. These TV service providers offer a vast selection of channels and programs for customers, but they do not provide the same channels and services. As a viewer, we must know which channel and what types of programs we’d like to watch

That is why we created a list of the best TV service providers for you to choose from.

Cable vs. Satellite vs. Livestreaming

Cable, satellite and live streaming offer the same services but in different ways. It is wise to know how they differ from one another to make it easier for you to make a decision about which service is the right one for you.


If you want consistency, then cable TV is for you. You will not have the same service interruptions that you would experience with satellite. Cable TV is connected directly through cables underground.

Cable TV can be a little more pricey compared to other TV services, but it is unlikely for you to experience a second-year price hike with cable TV. This makes it easier for your budget upfront since you will not be falling for promotional deals that could come back to haunt your bank account in 12 months.


One of the best things with satellite providers is that they give you more HD channels than live streaming or cable. It is also available in a lot of remote areas where cable and live streaming are not.

Live Streaming

This is the newest kid on the block. If you’re looking for many channels and programs to watch at a low price then this service could be the one for you. Live streaming services often undercut tradition providers’ prices while offering a large selection and commercial free programming.

TV Service Contract Guide

Now that you have an overview of the best TV service providers, it is time to understand more about the contract.

One of the reasons why customers are unhappy about the service that they chose is usually the contract. Some service providers have strict cancellation policies, and sometimes, there are sudden price changes. There might even have additional fees that were not clearly discussed.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you. Let’s now get more in-depth into contracts and let’s understand what we are getting ourselves into.

Early Termination Fees

For services like live streaming and cable that do not require traditional contracts, this should not be a problem. Early termination fees apply when you have signed a long-term agreement that you are trying to get out of.

So if you want to get out of your contract, but you still have a few months left, then you are looking at a significant fee. It is pricey, but it is all in the contract agreement. Just make sure to ask your provider about early termination fees before you sign any contract.

Hidden Fees

We all know that hidden fees are the worst. Here are some hidden fees that everyone should watch out for:

1. Installation fee
2. Activation fee
3. Regional sports fee
4. Premier channel costs
5. Equipment fees like receivers, routers, DVRs, etc.
6. Broadcasting fee

Price Changes

Second-year price hike can be a killer. A lot of consumers get encouraged by the promotional price for the first twelve months, and when you think that things are looking good, all of a sudden you receive your bill for the second year and the price can be doubled.

It might be expensive, but this should not come as a surprise.

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Best TV Service Providers of 2020 - Reviews
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Sling TV
Sling TV
Sling is the live TV you love for less. Customize your channel lineup and watch TV online with no setup, hidden fees or long-term contracts.



Switch to DISH to enjoy the best value in TV with a 2-year price guarantee, award winning technology, and satellite television's top-rated customer service. Learn more on our official site or call us at 1-855-318-0572 today.



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AT&T TV - Stream Live TV & On Demand + Cloud DVR + Apps
AT&T TV - Stream Live TV & On Demand + Cloud DVR + Apps
A next-generation streaming device. There are three ways to access content from AT&T TV: one is directly through your web browser, the second using your mobile device and the AT&T TV app, and the third is using the next-generation streaming device that comes with the AT&T TV service.



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Digital Cable TV Service | XFINITY
Digital Cable TV Service | XFINITY
Shop XFINITY Cable TV Offers. Enjoy crystal-clear HDTV and On Demand from the most dependable TV service provider. Start Watching Today!



Top 10 Cheap TV Service: January 2020 - CreditDonkey
Top 10 Cheap TV Service: January 2020 - CreditDonkey
Unlike traditional satellite TV, Sling TV is an internet streaming app.This means it relies on your internet connection to deliver content (as opposed to a satellite signal). The upside of this is that you don't have to worry about installation or equipment fees.



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Welcome to Thacker-Grigsby. Thacker-Grigsby is a cutting edge telecommunications provider located in Eastern Kentucky. TG provides telephone, long distance, and high speed DSL services to customers in Knott County. Video is also provided to some of our customers through our FTTH service.Thacker-Grigsby is committed to keeping our prices low and our technology advanced.

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