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In this day and age, almost everyone needs top video players. That is why we created a chart of the top 10 video players today!

Everybody needs an excellent video player even though these tools always come with your personal computer or your Mac, you wouldn’t want to settle for that.

We created this list to help you choose the top video players available out there.

Choosing the Right Video Player

Virtual reality and 3D have been very mainstream. These advanced audio and visual media require good media players for a perfect viewing experience. Some people only watch movies in HD, which is why they spend a lot of time choosing the ideal media player.

There are lots of different video players. Each video player is somewhat different from one another. Here are some of the most important things that you need to consider before purchasing a video player:

Can it Handle Digital Rights Management?

Some videos are protected by digital rights management or DRM to prevent you from making illegal copies. This media can only be accessed by approved software. While it is possible to remove DRM, you should know that it is a legal gray area, and exploring it could lead you to sketchy websites.

Video Quality Settings

A good video player should let you control the video settings. You can adjust the brightness, color, saturation, or any other visual settings. Audio controls with equalizer are great because it can let you change the bass, treble, and mid-tone for better audio quality.

Can It Play Video Files in a Web Browser?

You might be surprised to know that you can often just click and drag media files into a web browser window and they will let you play without any trouble. This method is not very popular because it does not have a lot of controls like brightness or color adjustment, but it works really well. The most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Safari can handle most media formats.

Check for File Type Compatibility

In choosing the right video player, this is one of the first things you must consider. A good media player will make sure that it can play the types of media you would want to watch. Check the file extension of your files.

Our Final Words

Technological advancements in these past few hers have brought us amazing things. From improved medical treatments, faster internet speed to advanced video players.

When it comes to the good viewing experience, you should not compromise. Yes, there is really something for everyone.

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